Kiyoshi Yaegashi「Unitled」

Kiyoshi Yaegashi「Unitled」

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Tarpaulin, Natural leather

【Size W46cm H33cm D3.5cm Handle52cm】

Some stains may be found due to upcycling of the exhibited artwork (tarpaulin material). There are some patterns. Also, please note that the pattern may be different from the images due to the cut part of the material.

●Art Museum Place
JR Takanawa Gateway Station

●Publication period
Undecided - September 2020

●Cleaning and sewing
Scheduled for October to December 2020

●Delivery Schedule
November-December 2020


    Kiyoshi Yaegashi

    Kiyoshi Yaegashi

    At first glance, it might look like a drawing of some abstract geometrical pattern; you will be surprised to find that, this, in fact, portrays a building that Yaegashi himself came up with. He established this artform on his own in early years of his childhood and since then, for nearly half a century, he has been creating solely in this artform and the number of art pieces he has created most likely amounts to several thousands today.