Satoru Kobayashi First ArtBook「Land of Smiles」

Satoru Kobayashi First ArtBook「Land of Smiles」

¥4,000(tax included)


Satoru Kobayashi's first art book is now on sale in limited quantities.

He draws all the letters and numbers by connecting and arranging them in his own way. Known as the "Satoru Letters".
The Satoru letter was first used while he was a student at a school for the disabled, and even his teacher at the time struggled to fix it.
In 2007, after graduating from high school, he entered the Lumbini (Lunbini Art Museum). He has created many masterpieces, including "The Number", "Hanyu no Yado" and "Shin Ishidoriya Ondo" and so on.
On August 29, 2020, the art drawn by Satoru Kobayashi will be used to wrap the trains on the JR East Kamaishi Line (scheduled to run until February 2021).


    Satoru Kobayashi

    Satoru Kobayashi

    His favorite musicians are Billy Joel, Queen, Yōsui Inoue, Spitz and THE BOOM. He is fond of going for a walk, too. During his junior years at special education school, Kobayashi started writing journal entries and essays in unique, altered letters. Initially, the school teachers tried to fix it – but eventually, they would begin to accept it as a captivating art form. This being a turning point, his creative expression has opened a new chapter as an art form that brings joy to the many.