Satoru Kobayashi「Natsu no Mamono」[L]| ART MASK

Satoru Kobayashi「Natsu no Mamono」[L]| ART MASK

¥4,400(tax included)


Art Mask
Our commitment to high quality and functionality, the inside of the art mask is made with the antiviral processed material "Viablock®︎". In addition, a sustainable material called "MicroModal", a fiber made from wood, is used for the fabric. The printing method, which relates to the reproduction of the art, is inkjet printing, which can faithfully reproduce the vividness of the art. It is durable and strong enough to withstand washing and can be used repeatedly. It is reversible and can be used in a variety of ways depending on the TPO.

- Antiviral material Viablock®︎ -
①Antiviral function→ The material of Art Mask can absorb harmful substances such as viruses and inhibit their growth.
②Deodorizing function→It can absorb odor-causing substances such as ammonia and amines.
③Safety→It has passed the toxicity, mutagenicity, skin irritation and skin sensitization tests required to obtain the SEK Antiviral Mark.


    Satoru Kobayashi

    Satoru Kobayashi

    His favorite musicians are Billy Joel, Queen, Yōsui Inoue, Spitz and THE BOOM. He is fond of going for a walk, too. During his junior years at special education school, Kobayashi started writing journal entries and essays in unique, altered letters. Initially, the school teachers tried to fix it – but eventually, they would begin to accept it as a captivating art form. This being a turning point, his creative expression has opened a new chapter as an art form that brings joy to the many.