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【Campaign】HERALBONY|Art handkerchief gift for “Good Couple’s Day”

【Campaign】HERALBONY|Art handkerchief gift for “Good Couple’s Day”

Wednesday, April 22, is Good Couple’s Day.
There are many people who are thankful for their partner on a regular basis, but are not able to put it into words.
Why don’t you express your gratitude to your partner and your parents?

To you, it is a suggestion of the present of the art handkerchief that colors ” a good couple’s day” beautifully with art from HERALBONY.

【note|Art gift handkerchiefs for “Good Couple’s Day”】
【Art handkerchief present here】


【 Campaign Details 】

Period: Tuesday, April 14, 2020 to Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Benefit 1: Target pair art handkerchiefs will be available for a limited time for ¥4,900 (tax included)
Normal price: ¥5,500 (tax included)

Benefit 2: Get a gift-wrapping coupon (500 yen) (coupon code: DoB7LigHWd)
Note: Gift wrapping coupons can be used by entering the coupon code at the time of payment.

A pair of art handkerchiefs for the campaign

Midori Kudo present set



Artist : Midori Kudo
Sometimes Kudo smiles at someone as in a dream. Other times she focuses on her inner self. No one, except her, knows the world she sees.
Her artworks make people imagine the endlessness. Does she really think that she ”create” something? You would be enamoured by the uncertain world she created.

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Minami Takahashi present set



Artist : Minami Takahashi
When you see Takahashi’s artworks, you would imagine that they are painted with the intense movement.
However, her way of painting is calm and quiet. Every colour she paints does not mix, rather each of them appears in her works with its authentic beauty. You will be enamoured by her works full of intensity and calmness.

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Sanae Sasaki present set01/02



Artist : Sanae Sasaki
Aside from paintings, Sasaki’s creative mediums range from textiles, paper cutting crafts to embroidery, each involving intricate details and expressions of ingenious colors and compositions. When working on a project, she usually does several months to years of intensive work, and then suddenly stops and moves on to a new work. As of now, in the year 2019, she has been working on coloring round cutouts in concentric circles and placing them on the wall.

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Satoru Kobayashi’s present set



Artist : Satoru Kobayashi
His favorite musicians are Billy Joel, Queen, Yōsui Inoue, Spitz and THE BOOM. He is fond of going for a walk, too. During his junior years at special education school, Kobayashi started writing journal entries and essays in unique, altered letters. Initially, the school teachers tried to fix it – but eventually, they would begin to accept it as a captivating art form. This being a turning point, his creative expression has opened a new chapter as an art form that brings joy to the many.

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Kiyoshi Yaegashi Present Set



Artist : Kiyoshi Yaegashi
Many people will be surprised to learn that these seemingly abstract geometric patterns are the result of a unique arrangement of architecture. Yaegashi created this style of expression as a child, without learning from anyone, and has been creating in this unique style for more than half a century. The number of works is probably in the thousands.

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How to use art handkerchiefs

In addition to being used as a regular handkerchief, an art handkerchief and a hair elastic make it easy to make an art mask.

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