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【Event】 HERALBONY #ZoomArtMuseum Special Talk Event

【Event】 HERALBONY #ZoomArtMuseum Special Talk Event

HERALBONY #ZoomArtMuseum will hold a talk event with Takayoshi Okabe, the director of HAJIMARI museum of art on Saturday, May 16th. In the talk event, Mr. Okabe will talk about the episodes related to this exhibition, the story of the beginning of the museum, the impact of the corona disaster on the museum and the changes in artists’ creative activities, and their thoughts on the situation of the corona. In the second half, we will also have a talk session with Mr. Okabe x HERALBONY members.


Guest Profile

岡部かんちょー 写真


Guest:Takayoshi Okabe
HAJIMARI Museum of Art|Director

He was born in Koriyama in 1974. After working as a support worker at a welfare work station and as a junior high school teacher, He joined the social welfare corporation Asaka Aiikuen.
He is involved in “Unico,” which supports the expressive activities of users with intellectual disabilities.
Since 2014, he has been the director of the Museum of Beginnings, which opened in the town of Inawashiro in Fukushima Prefecture.


About HAJIMARI Museum of Art



Run by the Fukushima Prefecture social welfare corporation Asaka Aiikuen, which has a history of about 50 years, HAJIMARI Museum of Art was renovated from a 140-year-old 18-room storehouse in Inawashiro Town. HAJIMARI Museum of Art was created with the support of the Nippon Foundation and with the thoughts of many people who experienced the disaster. In the aftermath of the Great East Japan Earthquake, there is an urgent need to create connections between people and communities through art and to create new values through it, and HAJIMARI Museum of Art continues to support the expressive activities of people with disabilities and propose new values and perspectives through art.


Past Tour Event


In May 2019, HERALBONY hosted an experimental tour event that allowed visitors to visit the welfare facility (Passo), the site of the creation, to get a feel for the daily lives and personalities of the artists, and to appreciate the Museum.



How the artworks have been created, the background to the creation of the products, communication with the artists, and the thoughts of the staff of the museum at the beginning… It was a touring event filled with episodes.


Talk Event Detail

Date : 2020/5/16(Sat.)19:00〜20:00(Open:18:55)

Place : Zoom ※Please install Zoom app in advance
(Zoom URL will be sent to applicant before 30mins of the event open)

Entrance Fee : ¥500

How to apply : Please enter and fill out the below URL

Contact : HERALBONY #ZoomArtMuseum Staff


In the end

A talk event to HERALBONY #ZoomArtMuseum which has been booked by many people every day.

The director of HAJIMARI Museum of Art, to which Koichi Tsuchiya belongs, will talk about his thoughts on the artist and his work.

There will be a lot of talks about Koichi Tsuchiya and other artists, their creative activities, and what they do best.

Please make a reservation.