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【Event】 HERALBONY #ZoomArtMuseum extension of session

【Event】 HERALBONY #ZoomArtMuseum extension of session

The “HERALBONY #ZoomArtMuseum” will be held from Saturday, May 2 to Sunday, May 10, and has been extended to Sunday, May 31 due to the popularity of the event.


HERALBONY #ZoomArtMuseum とは?



An online museum that you can participate in regardless of location and device. It is HERALBONY #ZoomArtMuseum.

We offer a new kind of “art appreciation experience” that makes full use of the virtual background function provided by the web conferencing tool “Zoom”.

Zoom’s unique “Virtual Backgrounds” feature allows users to create a realistic experience as if they were in a museum.

Customer Feedback


1)I thought it was a great initiative, and the use of zoom makes it more immersive and creates more empathy for the story.

2) It was so much fun! The art trick was fun to watch while thinking about it. They were all betrayed in a good way. Also, I became a fan even more when I met the artist at the museum and learned about the episodes and the back side of his work.

3)Thank you very much for your courteous response. It wasn’t a one-sided explanation, but they did an ice break and made it fun to “be a part of it”. When I heard the staff’s thoughts on HERALBONY, I was reminded of what a wonderful company they are.


EXHIBITION in May details

Part3:20:00〜20:40(Weekday Part3 only)
Place: ZOOM (After your registration is complete, you will receive an automatic e-mail with the ZOOM URL for the exhibition.
Organizer: HERALBONY Co.,ltd.
Art Direction : Atsushi Morita (Paper Parade Co., Ltd.)
Entrance Fee (tax included): Free (general/student)

You can apply from here


In the end

Thankfully, many people have shared their comments with the hashtag #ZoomArtMuseum on SNS.

What we want to do is to make sure that each artist has a story, and that the word “person with a disability” does not lump them together, but makes them aware of the individual.

Just as you and I are different, so are all people with disabilities.

HERALBONY #ZoomArtMuseum is an art museum that provides the background of the artworks and the artist with the opportunity to enjoy the works of art. We believe that this will be the kicker to create a place where people will want to get to know each other.